Motor Point Acupuncture

Motor Point Acupuncture

Motor point acupuncture probably began in the 1970s with Dr C Chan Gunn, an anesthesiologist who found that inserting acupuncture needles into motor points on muscles (the place where the nerve attaches to the muscle) can cause a fasciculation (twitch response) which would reset the nerve and muscle causing relaxation of contracted muscle and an increase in strength.

Dr Vladimir Janda of the Prague School of Rehabilitation was a neurologist who said that the most overlooked type of muscle imbalance is tightness weakness. Overuse of muscles causes contraction and shortening of the muscle which over time accumulates and puts strain on tendons and joints causing pain and dysfunction.

Motor point acupuncture can reset contracted muscle to restore joints to their normal function while reducing or eliminating pain and tendonitis.

This technique has been used with great success for several decades by a relatively small number of acupuncturists and medical professionals but has somehow not made it into the medical schools’ curriculum. It hasn’t even made it into the curriculum of most American acupuncture colleges.

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