Upcoming Seminars

Due to COVID quarantine requirements all live seminars are on hold.
When new live seminars are scheduled, they will be announced here and on Facebook in the Motor Point Acupuncture group.

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Learn Motor Point Acupuncture with Richard Hazel in Private Sessions

  • Get personalized focus on what you struggle with.

  • If you’re a beginner, learn all the most important motor points, how to assess and how to treat using electric stimulation and manual techniques.

  • Come for one day or up to three days of personalized training.

  • Handouts will be included and videos and recording are allowed.

  • Learn the advanced material that is not often being treated in group seminars

  • Learn other manual tests and treatments that are not available in group classes, including trigger point dry needling.

Contact us at for rates and special offers on 1:1 training. (You will be asked for proof of licensing and liability insurance.)

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