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Susan Dykeman

Richard Hazel is an emerging giant in the field of sports and pain acupuncture. I’m an acupuncturist in the DC area and I travel 12 hours round trip *regularly* just for the opportunity to study with this amazing acupuncturist, teacher and all around nice guy. He even helped me to resolve a 30-year-old shoulder injury! If you are lucky enough to live or work in Manhattan, call immediately to make an appointment. You won’t regret it!

Sean Ryan

Rich is an extremely intelligent, compassionate and gentle human being, the type of guy who was born to alleviate the suffering of others.

Two years prior to visiting Richard, I had had neck fusion surgery on discs C4 and 5 in my neck. The functioning returned to my arm, but the left side of my body wasn’t the same. I had atrophy throughout my entire upper left torso, particularly in my deltoid and anterior serratus, and this caused major imbalances throughout my body. The pain in my neck, mid and upper back, ribs, lower back and the sciatic nerve were omnipresent. I have an excellent chiropractor, but that only helped with realignment and pain mitigation. Richard reactivated the nerves and muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain on my left side that I had given up on ever becoming fully functional again. The atrophy in my arm and shoulder has improved dramatically and my body is far more balanced and in far less pain. I’ve recovered in a way that I really didn’t think was possible, and I couldn’t have done so had I not met Richard. I cannot recommend him as an acupuncturist or human being enough, he has a rare kind of heightened sensitivity and intelligence that makes him not just a great healer, but just a wonderful person to be around in general.

I might also add that his knowledge related to biophysiology and medicine is impressively expansive, and that he will in all likelihood end up helping you with problems you weren’t expecting him to know anything about. When I got off SSRIs after three years, I experienced severe and extended withdrawals for close to year. Rich explained that much of this was probably due to liver toxicity that was probably related to NSAIDs that I had been taking too much of for too long, which kill microorganisms in the gut that have an enormous impact on mood and overall health. He recommended probiotics, NAC and a number of other supplements that helped bring me back from one of the darkest and most physically painful periods of my life. This is cutting edge research that every mental health professional I’ve brought it up to is unaware of, but Richard knew. That’s what I mean when I say he’s a natural healer. He’s an amazing human being who can help bring you back from the brink

Gary Golembiewski

I had pulled my back out a few weeks ago after 5 days of being in pain and not being able to turn my neck I decided to book and appointment at Range Of Motion. Richard is very passionate about his work and talks you through every step of the process. Being new to acupuncture this was very comforting. By the end of my session with Richard I was in awe that I was able to move again. After two days I was completely back to normal. This is my new go to spot!!!!

Ira Monko

I started developing some serious pain in my knee from long distance cycling. I figured I’d probably be out for weeks while I simply stayed off of it. Fortunately Richard was able to correctly diagnose the issue and after a couple of treatments my leg feels great. What amazed me was the immediate relief I felt after the very first treatment. I would recommend his services to anyone experiencing pain…and especially to athletes.

Robert Desbiens

I sought Rich’s help with pain I was having in the knuckles of my right hand. I was experiencing pain that ranged from a dull ache to a stabbing fire in my hand every time I went to lift or grip something with my hand. My medical doctor told me that it was the beginning of arthritis and just an inevitable part of aging.

After a brief examination and palpation to the forearm, Rich used a few needles to release the muscles and the pain was just gone in an instant. A pain that just minutes before had worked it’s way into everything I touched, was gone. Amazing!

Tom Leshezt

Rich is a magician.

He fixed the pain that I had years in my neck and back after nothing else helped. Thanks Rich, I will definitely come again and recommend him to others!

Ronn Wexler

Richard Hazel was very good finding the problems with my shoulder and my lower arms. Within a few treatments all was well. The pain is gone and I’m now back to training Brazilian jiu-jitsu jitsu again. I’m now a believer in his methods of acupuncture. Thank you Richard again!

Matthew L

Ive been going to Richard for over a year and he has been my pain management solution. Ive had my share of spinal injections due to herniated discs & stenosis and thankfully havent needed any since Ive started my treatments. You name it, knee issues, calf strains, back spasms AND Im now back to exercising 5x a week (crossfit/running). Im extremely thankful Ive found RIchard as he’s allowed me to continue my active lifestyle.

Adam S – Business Manager, Musician

Rich was the first person to give me acupuncture. Before that, I was terrified of needles, and skeptical of how it could help. He was very calm and confident, which aleviated my fears. Now I go on a regular basis, and it helps every time.

I have seen other acupuncturists, but Rich is the only one who always resolves my issue.
Rich has helped me with a broad range of issues. He has resolved my digestive issues, sleeplessness, and severe back pain.

Whenever Rich gives me a treatment, he seeks feedback to make sure his treatment worked. It gives me peace of mind knowing how passionate he is about his work. Luckily for both of us, his precision always leads to positive feedback.

While Rich has resolved some serious digestive issues for me in the past, I was most impressed with his ability to extend my range of motion during a severe back and neck cramp. I could barely move, and was always in pain. Before Rich, I had seen another acupuncturist who only helped a little. It was only Rich who was able to pinpoint the problem and use his forward-thinking technique to remedy my muscle related issue.

Ron H – Music Producer

I have been a runner for 20+ years and have completed 35 marathons. I have been extremely blessed to have been pain free for most of those years. In this year’s NYC marathon I felt some pretty uncomfortable pain in my right hip. I ran through it but stopped at the medical tent after the finish(something I never do). I figured it was my IT band since that’s a common running injury but the on-staff attendant correctly diagnosed it as my TFL. She gave me some exercises to do but they weren’t helping much in the week following the race. I visited Rich and he so articulately explained what was happening to me, how it was affecting me and how he was going to fix it by releasing the tightness in the TFL. Being more than just a bit needle-phobic, he was very sensitive to explain to me everything he would do and what I would feel. After the treatment he laid out my next few days and what I would be feeling. A bit of discomfort the following day and then more relief every ensuing day. Being impatient, I actually pushed it and ran the next day anyway. I got in 8 miles yesterday and it’s like I barely missed a step. It’s empowering having the physiology surrounding my injury explained to me. If it happens again I know I have some options. The fact that Rich is an athlete and gym rat as well makes me comfortable he understands the misery of lost days of working out. He is a solutions oriented person.

Robert D – Artist, Business Owner

I originally sought treatment from Rich for chronic diarrhea that had been going on steadily for close to 3 years. All the food I ate passed instantly through me without absorbing any nutrients or being digested at all. I’d been to see every form of doctor, from my Primary care physician to GI doctors and chiropractors. I’d had dozens of tests looking for parasites, blood born causes, even wound up with a colonoscopy, all of which yielded no results.

Rich started on a path of Traditional Chinese Medicine working to strengthen, support and tonify the various internal systems that support digestion. He addressed the emotional issues associated with the organs related to digestion, even at one point going after my seven internal dragons. All of which was extremely relaxing, energizing and grounding, but didn’t fix the diarrhea. Treatments then began to address the physical mechanics of digestion. Starting with the Psoas as it can impinge on the lower intestine causing the ileocecal valve, responsible for holding food in the small intestine, to malfunction.

Somewhere along the way, Rich shared with me how to make Kefir. I acquired Kefir grains and started to make and consume homemade Kefir on a daily basis. My energy level increased, I lost weight because my body began digesting it’s food rather than feeling starved and miracle of miracles, three years of diarrhea stopped on a dime. I now enjoy normal digestion and increased immune strength. Thanks to Rich for sharing with me about these sacred organisms and fixing the problem an army of Western medical doctors couldn’t effect.

At this point, the real magic in my story hasn’t even happened yet… The effectiveness and immediacy of Rich’s physiological approach to the body through acupuncture was clearly illustrated the day I hobbled to see him for treatment on my foot. Being a lifelong runner, I’ve come to ignore certain aches and pains that have increased with age, as they tend to come and go like the weather. This particular foot pain wasn’t budging and seemed to be getting worse. I wasn’t sure I could walk the three blocks from the subway to Rich’s clinic for treatment. I was experiencing pain in every step I took. I’d changed my shoes and focused on trying to stretch and massage the muscles of my foot and lower leg, but nothing seemed to be helping. Within minutes of arriving to see Rich and two tiny needles later and I was free from pain that had defined every step I took for weeks prior to my appointment. The next morning I broke my best time for my usual distance in a run.

On another occasion, I sought Rich’s help with pain I was having in the knuckles of my right hand. I was experiencing pain that ranged from a dull ache to a stabbing fire in my hand every time I went to lift or grip something with my hand. My medical doctor told me that it was the beginning of arthritis and just an inevitable part of aging. Well that wasn’t the answer I wanted, so I went to see Rich. After a brief examination and palpation to the forearm, Rich used a few needles to release the muscles and again, the pain which had taken up so much of my conscious energy was just gone in an instant. The habit of pain, because of the attention it requires, is often a difficult one to let go of. The hardest thing to wrap your mind around is the instant disappearance of a pain that just minutes before had worked it’s way into everything I touched.

I would highly recommend Rich to anyone with pain of any kind. In Rich’s thorough, yet pragmatic approach to acupuncture, he tries to address the issue as immediately as possible to alleviate pain quickly and efficiently. Chronic on-going pain can be debilitating in the way it slowly encroaches on every aspect of our lives. Anyone living with ongoing pain, especially the type your doctor told you you’ll need to learn to live with, is the perfect candidate to benefit from Rich’s knowledgeable, insightful… even intuitive approach to this ancient tradition of Chinese medicine. He’ll fix the pain and just might sooth your internal dragons while he’s at it.

Paul T – Interior Designer

I have been a patient of Rich Hazel a bit less than a year. I was recommended to him by another patient who spoke very highly of him.

I went to Rich because I could barely stand up straight and walk from severe cramping that would take my breath away in my legs. I also lost the movement and mobility to lift my legs to put on my shoes.

I had my right hip replaced 6 years ago and I was getting arthritis in both hips. The pain behind my right knee was incredibly painful and keeping my leg from bending.

Rich attacked my problems full on and I started seeing him regularly.

He decided it was mostly muscular and started with needles in my hips back and hands, especially to loosen my hamstrings and gluteus medius. He also used electrical stimulation on my hips.
For the first 2 month it was strong sessions.

To make this have an ending, I now rarely have pain and I have less restriction in my movements and I can put my shoes on with less hassle. He has gotten my stress level down from all the anxiety I was having from the fear from all the pain.

We now see each other approximately every other week for maintenance and the occasional problem.
He has helped me greatly and I recommend him whenever I get the chance.

IFBB Pro, Jill Livoti

Jill L – IFBB Professional Bodybuilder/Physique Competitor and Personal Trainer
My name is Jill. I am 42 years old. I have been a personal trainer and NPC national level bodybuilder/physique competitor for 15 years. I was referred to Rich by my fight coach Tom. Tom spoke very highly of him. Being a competitive bodybuilder means lots of wear and tear on the body.

I’ve gone to deep tissue massage and acupuncture before but no one is like Rich. The best thing about Rich is he’s very knowledgeable about an athlete’s needs. He not only treated my elbow but the surrounding muscles where my pain was originating from.

He’s so pleasant. Great personality and made me feel comfortable. I only needed one treatment. I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10. That elbow pain was a 9. Currently I’m still free of elbow pain and no more tendonitis.

I’m looking forward to sending my own students and friends to him. I would eagerly go back to him for any future issues.

John W – Senior Director of Health Plan Operations Age 52

I train with a personal trainer several times a week and work with a Squash Pro as well. I was having pain in my right arm that had lasted for six plus months and also knee pain that would not go away. The treatments were very professional – great comfortable space and Rich explained everything he was doing and constantly verified I was OK.

The results were amazing. After the first treatment the pain in my arm was gone and my knee pain was much improved. After two additional treatments the knee pain was completely gone. I have gone back for tune-ups when I have problems and the issues are quickly resolved.

I am now pain-free and I am able to train without pain. My lack of knee pain has improved my performance on the Squash court. I can’t say enough good things about the treatments.

Bobby Puleo – Professional Skateboarder

I was having excruciating and radiating pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. Upon consulting Richard he immediately provided with a sense of hope that I didn’t need to be in the type of pain I was dealing with. From the very beginning Richard provided me with the reassurance and emotional support that allowed me to let go of the pain while under his accommodative and attentive care. Richard’s overall understanding of the human anatomy and the human organism is unprecedented. Just talking to him alone is therapeutic. His treatments of a combination of cupping, motor needling and traditional Chinese medicinal acupuncture allowed me to return to work and to return to being myself again.

IFBB Pro, Capriese Murray

Virgil Wong – CEO, Medical Avatar LLC http://medicalavatar.com

As a team of mobile health designers, developers, and researchers, my company has tracked and visualized complex medical data for diagnostic and treatment purposes in close collaboration with many patients and physicians. Working with Rich as a patient myself exemplified the perfect kind of clinical encounter our technology is designed to facilitate. Rich sees the big picture of how our day-to-day activities directly influence our health and helps his patients become active participants in their own care.

Given my own history of sciatica, subacromial impingement, and other on-going orthopedic issues, I’ve engaged in numerous clinical and complementary care services over the years with varying degrees of success. In a single session, Rich improved my range of motion dramatically and allowed me to continue my fitness training without pain or high risk of further injury. I am pleased to personally recommend Rich as an extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, and compassionate care provider.

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